Work Experience Week at Clarity

I have been lucky enough to gain work experience at Clarity Family law. This week has given me an opportunity to develop my understanding of the profession as well as show some great skills and enjoy learning and shadowing the everyday working week at the firm.

Throughout the week I have been set many tasks to complete at my own pace to my best ability. Many of the tasks include thorough independent research on significant family law cases, as well as more challenging tasks to test my creativity and initiative. During my week in the workplace, I have also been able to carry out tasks which enable me to show good communication skills and generally being able to work in the office well. I have made calls and organised files to show this. As well as exploring family law, I have been able to read criminal cases to widen my understanding of the different sides of the law profession, which has enabled me to gain a wider view on my future and help me to gain knowledge on the different aspects of law, as I already know that I have a great interest and would love to have a profession in law.

As well as learning key skills within the law profession, I have also been able to show other skills during my work placement. Time management and organisation have been important skills during my placement. Being a part of the working week, arriving at 10am and leaving at 4pm, has helped me to manage my time and be independent during my placement.

I have enjoyed many aspects of my work experience; however my experience at the family law court was no doubt the best part of the week. I was lucky enough as a student carrying out work experience, to be allowed to attend a final hearing of one of the firm’s clients. We made our way to Slough to spend the day in court. Prior to the hearing, I was able to read through the case and statements to gain understanding of the hearing and this enabled me to determine how I thought the day in court was going to turn out. It was my first time being able to experience and listen to a hearing which I had previous knowledge on. I was also able to meet counsel who also gave me an idea on other roles in the law profession as well as being able to sit in and listen to meetings with the clients and the other solicitors.

My work experience at Clarity family law has helped me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the profession. I have enjoyed getting involved in the working week and shadowing in court. A profession in law is definitely something that I would love to pursue in the future and having been given this opportunity to do this work experience has taken me one step closer to this. It has been such a fantastic opportunity to widen my knowledge and learn key skills that I can take away and use in everyday life.

by Maisey Woodisse

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