Wills, trusts and inheritance tax planning

  • If you have no will, the intestacy rules mean your loved ones may not benefit.
  • Do you want to set up a trust fund for your children/grandchildren?
  • Is saving Inheritance tax important to you?
  • We will help you make sure your wishes are the only ones that matter.

Lasting powers of attorney

  • Who do you trust to look after you if you can’t look after yourself?
  • If you lose mental or physical capacity, you can make sure someone close to you can make important decisions for you.
  • Talk to us; we will put your mind at ease.


  • Has a loved one already lost mental capacity?
  • Do you urgently need to look after their finances or get involved in their medical treatment?
  • We can help you obtain a Court order enabling you to act on behalf of someone who needs your help.

Probate and administration of estates

  • Has someone you loved died and you are feeling overwhelmed with the process of what to do next?
  • We will take the pain out of dealing with the administration of the estate and the distribution of the assets.

Nursing home fees

  • Are you or someone close to you likely to face residential or other care costs?
  • Planning for the unexpected
  • We will help you explore the options so as to keep those costs to an absolute minimum.

Foreign assets

  • Do you own property abroad?
  • Do you run a business overseas?
  • Have you made a will in another country?
  • We will help you to make sure you have covered everything

“Your family’s wellbeing is in safe hands with us.”